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UgenixPRO Keto Collagen MCT Plus Vanilla | Kosher | KETO Energy | Paleo Friendly | Dairy Free


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Collagen is the most plentiful protein in the body. It has important roles, including providing structure to your skin and helping your blood clot. It’s one of the major building blocks of bones, skin, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Collagen is also found in many other body parts, including blood vessels, corneas, and teeth. You can think of it as the “glue” that holds all these things together. In fact, the word comes from the Greek word “kólla,” which means glue. Bovine collagen is a form of this protein that’s mainly derived from cows. It’s associated with several health benefits, including arthritis relief, improved skin health, and bone loss prevention.

What is MCT?

MCT stands for medium-chain triglycerides.  A triglyceride is a type of fat that can be converted to ketones and used for energy.

But why are MCTs so special?

Because they’re easily metabolized and absorbed by the liver to produce those ketones, which can profoundly assist people on a keto diet!


  • Fuel for the brain and body*
  • Supports the body’s metabolism*
  • Supports ketogenic diets*
  • Supports joint health*
  • Fuller hair & stronger nails*


  • Bovine Collagen Hydrolysate
  • 100% Organic MCT from coconut
  • Organic Acacia Fiber
  • Organic Vanilla
  • C8/C10 blend
  • Kosher, KETO, Paleo Friendly, Dairy Free


High quality bovine collagen and MCT for Keto fuel. Supports Keto diet.

The same beneficial bovine collagen peptides you love, with the added benefits of Keto. Our UgenixPRO Anti-Wrinkle Formula and UgenixPRO Weight Loss Shed Fat Burner compliments the effect of UgenixPRO Keto MCT Collagen, Vanilla



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